Yaacov Herzog – A Biography

The Life and Times of a Jewish Prince (2005)


This fascinating book describes the extraordinary life of Dr. Yaacov Herzog, diplomat,

scholar, rabbi, former ambassador to Canada and Director General of Israel’s Prime Minister’s office, the adviser of four Israeli Prime Ministers. Herzog was the man who initiated and held the secret talks with King Hussein of Jordan in a London clinic and opened the way to peace between Jordan and Israel. He also established secret contacts with the Lebanese Christians, helped the Imam of Yemen against his enemies, and became a personal friend to President Kennedy, Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, Ireland’s leader Eamon de Valera and many other world figures.

Brother of Israel’s future president Chaim Herzog, Yaacov gained world repute by his victory in a much publicized debate with historian Arnold Toynbee about the Jewish people.

(The debate itself is offered to the reader in a free CD, included in the book).


“He was one of the best and wisest, most attractive and morally most impressive human beings I have ever known.”

Sir Isaiah Berlin


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