To be a Free People The Saga of Israel (2005) is a unique book that presents the canonic texts and pictures of Zionism and modern Israel, in twelve chapters based on the Declaration of Independence. The book includes three hundred texts: speeches, articles, letters, poems, excerpts from private diaries, military documents, Biblical verses, Supreme Court rulings, books and plays, prayers and songs.


To be a Free People The Saga of Israel brings to life the long march of Zionism, the epic story of Israel, as told by the Bible and the Mishnah, Ben-Gurion and Begin, Weizmann and Jabotinsky, Dayan and Sharon, Bialik and Alterman, Trumpeldor and Rabin, Herzl and Rabbi Cook, Golda Meir and the poetess Rachel.


The book also includes more than four hundred illustrations, paintings, posters, photographs, drawings, cartoons, stamps and rare documents. It is an inspiring treasure of information and knowledge never collected and published before.


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